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Celebrating Josť Cura--Singer, Conductor, Director





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Josť Cura in Russia - Gala + Award


With the greatest tenor of modern times Josť Cura! We're for pure sport and pure art! Bravo!





Josť Cura in Russia




Josť Cura has been awarded the Onegin Award based on his career-spanning creative collaborative relationship with Russian.

He is the first non-Russian artist to receive the statuette of "Onegin," under the motto "From Russia with love".
















































































Ljuba Glazkova:  The men I love - my husband Vadim, Josť Cura and Vera Leyferkus.

"Charity Gala Dinner Onegin" St.Petersburg, Russia, 28 October 2017










The Elite of stage and management. Jose Kura, Fabio Mastrangelo, Paul Mo, Sergei Lejferkus. And the most beloved man - Verochka Lejferkus. (Ljuba Glazkova)





From Maestro Jose Cura-unique album of photos and rare recordings... great memories!
Thank you dear Jose Cura for a great gifts!
















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